A Dream Journey of Japan

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  • ✨ Kesennuma city ✨
  • ~Kakigoya Karakuwa Banya
  • ~Kesennuma Fish Market
  • ~Sake Brewery Tour
  • ~Lunch Cooking Experience at Farmer’s House
  • ~Kesennuma City Memorial Museum
  • ~Sunset and Night Cruising in Kesennuma Bay
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • ✨ Ama Town ✨
  • ~ Under Water Viewing Boat (Amanbo)
  • ~Oki Shrine Visit at Night
  • ~Ride of Sightseeing Boat
  • ~Enjoy Local Bus
  • ~Dinner at Local Restaurant

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Trip Itinerary

Experience 2 lifestyles in one itinerary: Kesennuma City & Ama town

∗ You will meet real warm people and will find more about Japan in-depth from them

∗Enjoy 2 type of fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean (Kesennuma City) and the Japan Sea (Ama Town)

Kesennuma Plaza Hotel or similar
- / - / D

Leave Tokyo station for Ichinoseki station by Tohoku Shinkansen. [By Bullet Train]

Arrive at Ichinoseki station.

Pick up a rent-a-car and drive for Kesennuma [Rent-a-Car]

Kakigoya Karakuwa Banya is recommended for lunch as first stop. The oyster house offers fresh and juicy oysters and scallops. Friendly staff help you how to eat oysters.

Kakigoya Karakuwa Banya


Kesennuma Oshima Bridge

(The length of the bridge is 297m)

Mt Kameyama Observatory

It is the highest mountain in Oshima island and is the perfect place to both gaze over the port of Kesennuma as well as see a dazzling starry sky.

Drive to Kesennuma Plaza Hotel to check-in

Seafood Kaiseki Dinner at the Hotel
One of popular local delicacy ‘Abalone’ is served.

Kesennuma Plaza Hotel or similar
B / L / -

Drive for sightseeing in Kesennuma area. [Rent-a-car]

  • Kesennuma Fish Market

You can see impressive auctions from the viewing deck on the second floor.

Drive back to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, today’s tour will resume.

  • Sake Brewery Tour in Otokoyama Honten

The Sake brewery tour takes you behind the scenes. Visitors can learn about each step of sake production in detail by watching the process in action.

  • Lunch Cooking Experience at Farmer's House in Tome

Experience basic agriculture and home cooking at Farmer’s House. You can learn farmer’s simple, warm and healthy life from them.

  • Kesennuma City Memorial Museum

As visible evidence of memories and lessons of the disaster
*The storyteller-guided tour is available. Prior application is required. It takes about 90 minutes.

  • Sunset & Night Cruising in Kesennuma Bay

Tour Kesennuma Bay with a local fisherman at sundown

Return to the hotel.

Recommended local restaurants in Kesennuma :
Odazumakko (local restaurant)
Popular fresh seafood drinking restaurant to local people welcom you with friendly staff.

Twin Leaves Hotel Izumo or Similar
B / - / -

Check-out at the hotel and drive to Sendai Airport
Upon arrival, return the rent-a-car and check-in for the domestic flight

Leave Sendai for Izumo by ✈ Fuji Dream Airlines
Arrive at Izumo airport

Leave the airport for Izumo-shi station by bus
Arrive at Izumo-shi station

Check-in at hotel.

After check-in, take train or bus to go to Izumo Grand Shrine.

  • Izuumo Taisha Grand Shrine

It is one of the most important shrine and is considered the oldest shrine in Japan.

  • Shimane Museum of Acient Izumo

It stands on a site next to the Izumo Grand Shrine and is dedicated to the history and archeology of the Izumo Grand Shrine.

  • Neighborhood of Izumo Grand Shrine

Stroll the shopping street for shopping and meals. The most polular food from there is Izumo soba.

Return to the hotel.

Dinner own arrangement.

Marine Port Hotel Ama or similar
B / L / D

Check-out at Hotel transfer to Izumo airport by bus. It takes five minutes walk to the bus stop from the hotel.
Leave Izumo for Izumo airport by bus
Arrive at the port

Leave Izumo airport for Oki by flight
Arrive at Oki airport

Leave the Oki airport for Saigo port by bus
Arrive at Saigo port

Leave the Saigo port by ferry
Arrive at Hishiura port

Upon arrival at the port, shima host welcomes you after getting off the ferry. Late lunch with the host at the ferry terminal to get information and advice about the island.

Popular local lunch at the ferry terminal.

*Ride of “Underwater Viewing Boat – Amanbo”

Passengers ride on a boat with partially glass walls, allowing full view of the sea. Three famous rocks jutting out of the water can be seen during this ride.

Transfer to hotel for check-in

Dinner at the hotel

At night after dinner, the host guides you to visit Oki-shrine.
Surrounded by the gentle light of the taketoro (bamboo lamps) you can visit and see shrine during the calm and stillness of the evening.

Hands-on experience of making charm
Or /and
Oki shrine priest prayer plan

Marine Port Hotel Ama or similar
B /L / D

Leave for Ferry terminal.
Stroll at Rainbow beach and Hichiura area

Ride of sightseeing boat to view towering Matengai Cliff and the canal

This dynamic 257m cliff is a must see! It is one of the highest sea cliffs in Japan.

Local Bus ride from Urago to Beppu port (takes one hour)

Scenery, landscape and livelihood can be seen from windows.

Transfer to Hishiura port from Beppu port by ferry
Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel.

Dinner at local restaurant
you can have a fresh fish caught on the day. You will get to see the locals and can find out more about the island.

B / - / -

Free at leisure until departure

Recommended optional tours for the free time:
1)Hands-on Shamoji (Rice spoon) painting
2)Sighseeing Taxi Charter
3)Rental Electric Bicycle

Check-out at Hotel and Transfer to Hishiura port.

Leave Hishiura port for Shichirui port by rainbow jet.

Arrive at Shichirui port

*Taxi fare from Shichirui port to Yonago airport will be around 4,000 yen. It takes 20 minutes. The taxi allows four passengers maximum to ride together. All information are subject to change.


Leave Yonago airport for Haneda airport
Arrive at Haneda airport

Route Map

Day 1 Tokyo station to Ichnoseki station by bullet train / From Ichioseki station to Kesennuma by road.

Day 2 From the Hotel in Kesennuma to Tome for experience Farm’s lifestyle by road.

Day 3 From the hotel to Sendai airport by road / Fly to Izumo airport from Sendai airport

Day 4 Fly to Oki airport from Izumo airport       From Oki to Ama town by ferry

Day 6 From Ama town to Yonago airport by ferry

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Terms and Conditions

  • Itinerary & accommodation are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.
  • Due to local or religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions, the sequence of itinerary may need to be changed or alternatives sites substituted at short notice.
  • In the event of discrepancy between English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the former.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.