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Akita   ●  Aomori   ●  Iwate   ●  Miyagi   ●  Yamagata   ●  Tokyo
  • Experience the folklore of the Namahage at Namahage Museum
  • Catch a glimse of Nebuta parade float at Nebuta Warasse
  • Visit one of three best views in Japan - Matsushima
  • Visit Japan's prettiest hot spring town - Ginzan Onsen
  • Wanko (Bowl) Soba Challenge

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Trip Itinerary

Assemble at Changi Airport Singapore for your flight to the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan!


This museum has lots to offer regarding the rich history of Namahage. The Namahage in Japanese culture is a demon, depicted by men wearing straw costumes and frightening ogre masks. Traditionally, the Namahage make rounds on houses annually, to frighten lazy or naughty children. In this well preserved, quaint wooden house, you can find displays of Namahage masks and costumes. Most memorably, there will be an entertaining performance of a Namahage visit.



Taiko Museum is home to over 140 drums from around the world, including the world's largest drums. If that's not interesting enough, you are actually allowed to play most of the drums available! This allows for a fun hands-on experience enjoyable to all.



In Akita we will also be visiting a traditional wood Japanese bento box shop in Odate city. Magewappa literally translates to 'bent wooden box' and its beauty is in its elegant design and craftsmanship. Apart from its looks, the magewappa is also very practical as a food container. You can experience constructing a magewappa for yourself and bring it back as a souvenir!


Make your own KRITANPO (Grilled Rice Sticks) (自制秋田烤米棒晚餐)

For dinner, you will be enjoying a traditional Akita dish known as Kritanpo Nabe. It is a popular dish in Akita prefecture and is a fond dish in many schools. In this restaurant, you will get to also make your very own Kritanpo! It is a simple process of grilling the rice sticks before adding them to a wholesome soup of chicken stock and vegetables. Enjoy!


Have you heard about the tragic story of the faithful Akita dog Hachiko? If so, this museum might be especially interesting to you! Founded by the Akita Dog Preservation Society, this museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to Japanese dogs. There is a wealth of information available regarding the obedient Akita dogs and there's even a real life Akita dog for guests to see!



The Hakka-Toge Observation Deck the most popular place to view the scenic Lake Towada. Lake Towada is the largest crater lake in Honshu island formed by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. The foliage around the lake looks especially beautiful in autumn, with its lovely orange hues.



Just beside Lake Towada, we have the idyllic Oirase Stream. The Oirase Stream is the only brook leading out of Lake Towada, with many scenic waterfalls and bridges along a hiking trail. Its the perfect place for a leisurely stroll alongside the stream to admire its natural beauty. This is simply a sight you cannot miss! 



Hirosaki Castle was originally constructed in 1611 before being rebuilt in 1810. The three-level Hirosaki Castle is the only castle tower left in Tohuku, making it one of the most iconic symbols of Hirosaki city. The area around the castle is known as Hirosaki Park, one of Japan's best sakura spots with over 2600 cherry blossom trees.


In this village, you can enjoy rice paddy art; highly detailed murals designed on paddy fields. Ever since 1993, the village has been creating these huge displays to revitalize their village. No dye is used in the displays however, these impressive works of art were achieved only by the strategic planting of different colored rice plants.



The Sannai Maruyama Site is an extremely well preserved village that dates all the way back to around 5,900 to 2,200 BC. This archaeological site presents various artifacts from the era, so visitors can better understand the life and culture in the Jomon period. There are even hands-on craft activities available to try out!



The Nebuta Warasse museum celebrates Aomori's famous event known as Nebuta Matsuri. This unique museum aims to capture the atmosphere of the festival, with its lively atmosphere, vivid colors and traditional music. The museum contains actual floats used in past festivals, and visitors can admire the detail present in these enormous lantern floats.



The A-Factory is a duty-free market style shopping center which sells many apple-related products. One of its best known products is the refreshing Aomori Cider, made from local Aomori Apples. It's a great place to shop and enjoy the scenery in Aomori city.



Hasshoku center is a huge market with 60 shops selling a wide variety of products ranging from fresh seafood to vegetables and even local sake. The fresh seafood and meats purchased can be grilled on charcoal braziers at Shichirin-mura. Thanks to this, you can feast on the food you bought without having to leave the market!


Seasonal Bonus

  1. Rice Paddy Art at Inakadate Village is available from June - September
  2. Aomori Apple picking is available in September

Koiwai Farm is a gigantic farm with more than 7000 acres of land, overlooked by the magnificent Mt. Iwate. Visitors can try out their famous dairy products such as fresh milk and ice cream, watch animals graze on the field and even take a tour of the huge farm!


WANKO (Bowl) SOBA Challenge (荞麦面挑战)

Think you're a big eater? Well, Wanko (Bowl) Soba Challenge might be your biggest hurdle yet. The challenge is to finish as many mini bowls of buckwheat noodles as you can without any breaks. There's no time for hesitation as the server will swiftly dish out new servings the moment you finish one. After completing your ordeal, you'll receive a certificate and a plague detailing how many bowls you've overcome. Pit yourself against this challenge and you might very well become the next record holder!



Geibikei is a beautiful gorge in Tohoku region, with tall grand cliffs bordering a gentle stream. The best way to enjoy the view: by sitting on a flat-bottomed boat as a boatman navigates the gorge. The boatman also sings along the way, as you enjoy the natural scenery.


Just outside the bay of Miyagi, a group of 260 tiny islands reside. These beautiful pine clad islets are known as one of the three best views of Japan, which is an amazing achievement. Matsushima is best enjoyed with a sightseeing cruise to explore the wonders that the bay has to offer.



Ginzan Onsen is a secluded hot spring town nestled in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture. The area originally developed around a silver mine: however, these days it is better known as one of Japan's prettiest onsen towns with historic ryokan lined up along the river.

MOUNT ZAO (OKAAMA) (蔵王连峰 (樹氷))

Mount Zao is one of Tohuku's most prominent mountains, sitting at over 1800 metres above sea level. The mountain, which is in fact an active volcano, has a stunningly beautiful caldera lake known as Okama crater. The water in the lake changes color depending on the level of sunlight ranging from a deep blue to a turquoise color.



Enjoy the incredible speed of a bullet train as it cruises at 320km/hour from Yamagata to Tokyo!


Upon arrival in Tokyo, you will check in at the hotel and enjoy the remainder of the day at your own leisure

The whole day will be spent free and easy at Tokyo

The day will be free until Departure. Transfer to Tokyo International Airport for a homebound flight to Singapore.


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