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A collection of products, dedicated tours and bespoke packages that leave a memorable journey around the world.


Let us be your parts of story, join our travel journey Singapore and beyond, beside travel we also offer a high-quality product to make your journey safe and memorable.

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Offerings quality masks, Gift voucher and more other products to come from different countries.
More things you can do in Singapore other than Shopping!
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Joy of Japan

Let us bring you to a land of historically unique culture, traditions and customs that have been carried down for generations.

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Design your own travel journey with a base, top up with your preference side trip.
Group Tours
Travel in a group, meeting with new friend. Group travel is a good choice for who looking for travel in relax and everything is taken care of.
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Customized Private trip, tailor-made your holiday to meet your individual or small group needs and preferences.

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Having the Joy of sailing and sea activities around the island of Singapore.
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Escape to a resort, hotel or farm stay.

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